New Formations Volume 1999 Issue 39

ISSN 0950-2378


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Cool Moves

Editorial: Cool moves, pages ‑
David Glover Free to download

Cool rules: anatomy of an attitude, pages ‑
Dick Pountain, David Robins

The invention of everyday life, pages ‑
Rita Felski

Integuments: the scar, the sheen, the screen, pages ‑
Steven Connor

Creative affects, pages ‑
Mariam Fraser

On homo-sex: or, Is homosexuality a curable vice?, pages ‑
Guy Hocquenghem

Commentary : 'on homo-sex', pages ‑
Bill Marshall

The art of smoking in an age of techno-moral consumption, pages ‑
Fred Botting

Avon's calling: global consumption and microcultural practice in a Latin American frame, pages ‑
Anny Brooksbank Jones

'You can sample anything': zebrahead, 'black' music and multicultural audiences, pages ‑
Gregory Stephens

Forming minoritarian communities: nomadic ethics for the postcolonial world, pages ‑
Syed Manzurul Islam

Reviews, pages ‑
Andrew Blake, Alan Durant Free to download

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