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Anarchist Studies

Free to view articles taken from Anarchist Studies Volume 29 Issue 1

About this issue’s cover: Timothy Hyman: Anarchism and the ‘Ideal Picture’, pages 5‑18

Orwell as Public Intellectual: Anarchism, Communism and the New Left, pages 19‑38

Reviews, pages 116‑127


Free to view articles taken from FORUM Volume 63 Issue 2

Editorial, pages 4‑8

Beyond education by ranking – let’s not return to ‘normal’, pages 9‑19

Learning lessons from the virus: a round-table discussion, pages 56‑73

Book Reviews, pages 192‑200

New Formations

Free to view articles taken from New Formations Volume 2021 Issue 103

Editorial, pages 5‑9

Quitting (the) Habit: Fossil Fuels, Governmentality and the Politics of Energy Dependency, pages 63‑77

‘waiting for the master’s dams to crack’: Hydro-dependency, Water Autonomy and world-Literature, pages 134‑155

Affective Politics, Activism and the Commons: From WECH to Grenfell, pages 156‑180

Reviews, pages 181‑192


Free to view articles taken from Renewal Volume 29 Issue 2

Editorial: At sea, pages 5‑9

Political economy and Labour’s factionalism, pages 23‑31

‘Alternative facts’, scientific claims and political action, pages 63‑72

The future of the union, pages 81‑90

Socialist History

Free to view articles taken from Socialist History Volume 2021 Issue 59

Editorial, pages 5‑7

Doris Lessing: A Person of Interest, pages 76‑100

Reviews, pages 101‑127


Free to view articles taken from Soundings Volume 2021 Issue 78

Editorial: Planetary imagination, pages 5‑10

Everything Scatter: Just Hanging Out. A brief q&a with cover artist Kai Barrow, pages 11‑13

Undrowned: Black feminist lessons from marine mammals, pages 20‑37

The intractability of loss and damage issues in climate negotiations, pages 38‑49

On the idea of the planetary: Dipesh Chakrabarty talks to Ashish Ghadiali, pages 50‑63

The many entanglements of capitalism, colonialism and Indigenous environmental justice, pages 64‑80

Could future COP talks help to de-junk near space?, pages 81‑85

Berta Vive!, pages 96‑102

The murder of Ken Saro-Wiwa [1996], pages 103‑108

The necessity of abolition, pages 109‑123

The possibility of a creolised planet: Paul Gilroy talks to Femi Oriogun Williams, pages 124‑137

Environmental images and imaginary landscapes [1995], pages 138‑146

Reviews, pages 147‑164

Poetry, pages 165‑171

Aviation strikes: Direct action at Heathrow, City and Stansted. A roundtable discussion with activists involved in aviation strikes, pages 172‑188

Twentieth Century Communism

Free to view articles taken from Twentieth Century Communism Volume 2021 Issue 20

Introduction: Sexuality, respectability and communism, pages 4‑12

Sexology and the national Other in the Soviet Union, pages 13‑44

Distributing condoms on the factory floor: Communists and sexual health in the Netherlands, pages 45‑78

Reviews, pages 161‑173

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