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Free to view articles from the latest issues of the Lawrence Wishart journal range

Anarchist Studies

Free to view articles taken from Anarchist Studies Volume 30 Issue 1

About the cover, pages 5‑6

Writing Anarchism with History from Below, pages 7‑29

Reviews, pages 120‑128


Free to view articles taken from FORUM Volume 64 Issue 2

Editorial, pages 4‑10

Telling stories that need telling: a dialogue on resistance in early childhood education, pages 21‑29

It’s not over, not over, not over, not over yet: resistance to academisation from the inside, pages 44‑55

New Formations

Free to view articles taken from New Formations Volume 2021 Issue 104 & 105

Editorial, pages 4‑14

We’re all vermin: Tactical predation, interspecies media arts and perspectivism, pages 15‑29

Animist Time and the White Anthropocene, pages 30‑49

Asbestos’s Animacy; or, Salamander Cotton, pages 105‑127

The Postsecret Society, pages 238‑242

Theorising Trans Liberation, pages 243‑246

A politics of the present?, pages 247‑249

Consenting the Change, pages 250‑251


Free to view articles taken from Renewal Volume 30 Issue 2

Editorial: Beyond the chaos, pages 5‑9

‘Let them eat cake’: Conservatism in the age of Boris Johnson, pages 10‑22

The Conservatives’ political economy: ‘State rentier capitalism’ or old wine in new bottles?, pages 35‑47

Culture war ‘Marxism’: The Revolutionary Communist Party diaspora and the Conservative Party, pages 65‑73

Socialist History

Free to view articles taken from Socialist History Volume 2022 Issue 61

‘The Fighting Magazine of the Working Class’: The International Socialist Review and Class War in the USA 1900-1918, pages 31‑55

Reviews, pages 96‑126


Free to view articles taken from Soundings Volume 2022 Issue 80

We want ourselves alive and debt free!, pages 9‑21

The contradictions of Green New Deals: green sacrifice and colonialism, pages 37‑50

Reviews, pages 111‑114

Twentieth Century Communism

Free to view articles taken from Twentieth Century Communism Volume 2021 Issue 21

Thomas J. Kiernan and Irish Diplomatic Responses to Cold War Anti-Communism in Australia, 1946-1951, pages 29‑54

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