New Formations Volume 1987 Issue 1

ISSN 0950-2378

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Remembering Fanon


Introduction, pages ‑
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Fashion / orientalism / the body, pages ‑
Peter Wollen

Does sex have a history? 'Women' and feminism, pages ‑
Denise Riley

The impossible object. Towards a sociology of the sublime, pages ‑
Dick Hebdige

'Enough about you, let's talk about me'. Recent autobiographical writing, pages ‑
Laura Marcus

Should art historians know their place?, pages ‑
John Tagg

GLC R.I.P Cultural policies in London, 1981-1986, pages ‑
Franco Bianchini

'What does the black man want?', pages ‑
Homi Bhabha

Fanonian spaces, pages ‑
Stephan Feuchtwang

Narratives of resistance, pages ‑
Barbara Harlow

Reviews, pages ‑
Mark Cousins, Gregor McClellan, Bill Schwarz, Michael O'Pray lock_openFree to download

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