New Formations Volume 1989 Issue 9

ISSN 0950-2378

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On Enjoyment


Editorial: On enjoyment, pages ‑
Erica Carter lock_openFree to download

The undergrowth of enjoyment: how popular culture can serve as an introduction to Lacan, pages ‑
Slavoj Žižek

Aesthetic autonomy and the crisis of theory: Greenberg, Adorno, and the problem of postmodernism in the visual arts, pages ‑
Peter Osborne

The judgement of Paris (and the choice of Kristeva): French theory and feminism this side of the Channel, pages ‑
Rachel Bowlby

Being gay: politics, identity, pleasure, pages ‑
Joseph Bristow

White skins/black masks: the pleasures and politics of imperialism, pages ‑
Gail Ching-Liang Low

I love Luce: the lesbian, mimesis, and masquerade in Irigaray, Freud, and mainstream film, pages ‑
Christine Holmlund

From 'diversity' to 'difference': the case of socio-cultural studies of music, pages ‑

Reviews, pages ‑
Simon Critchley lock_openFree to download

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