New Formations Volume 1991 Issue 13

ISSN 0950-2378

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No Apocalypse Yet


Editorial: No apocalypse yet, pages ‑
Erica Carter lock_openFree to download

New times in cultural studies, pages ‑
Angela McRobbie

The king is a thing, pages ‑

Broadcasting: national cultures/international business, pages ‑
Geoffrey Nowell-Smith

Enterprise culture and the ideology of marxism, pages ‑
Paul du Gay

Neverending stories: the problem of reading in cultural studies, pages ‑
Colin Mercer

Consumer poetics: a French episode, pages ‑
Peter Nicholls

The subject of the father: from ethics to love, pages ‑
Lyndsey Stonebridge

Reviews, pages ‑
Jenny Taylor, Joseph Bristow lock_openFree to download

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