New Formations Volume 1993 Issue 19

ISSN 0950-2378

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Editorial: Perversity, pages ‑
Judith Squires lock_openFree to download

The return of female fetishism and the fiction of the phallus, pages ‑
Anne McClintock

The excess: an added remark on sex, rubber, leather and ethics, pages ‑
Sue Golding

Troubled vision: legal understanding of obscenity, pages ‑
Beverley Brown

Perversion through the camera, pages ‑
Grace Lau

Believe me, everybody has something pierced in California: an interview with Nayland Blake, pages ‑
Stephan Johnstone, John Gange

Decorating the body politic, pages ‑
David Curry

Why fetish?, pages ‑
Alasdair Pettinger

Annie Sprinkler: post post porn modernist, pages ‑
Anna Douglas

Buggery and the tradition of law, pages ‑
Leslie Moran

Xenomorphisis, pages ‑
Della Grace

The three (dis)graces, pages ‑
Parveen Adams

Reviews, pages ‑
Louise Allen, Sandra Kemp lock_openFree to download

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