New Formations Volume 1993 Issue 20

ISSN 0950-2378

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Actuality of Walter Benjamin


Editorial: Actuality of Walter Benjamin, pages ‑
Laura Marcus, Lynda Nead Free to download

The measure of the possible, the weight of the real and the heat of the moment: Benjamin's Actuality today, pages ‑
Irving Wohlfarth

From gender images to dialectical images in Benjamin's writings, pages ‑
Sigrid Weigel

The city in pieces, pages ‑
Victor Burgin

Benjamin the intellectual, pages ‑
Zygmunt Bauman

Walter Benjamin - out of the sources of modern Judaism, pages ‑
Gillian Rose

A communicative disclosure of the past: on the relation between anthropology and philosophy of history in Walter Benjamin, pages ‑
Axel Honneth

Shoah, rememberance and the abeyance of fate: Walter Benjamin's 'fate and character', pages ‑
Andrew Benjamin

Memoires and micrologies: Walter Benjamin, feminism and cultural analysis, pages ‑
Janet Wolff

Aesthetics and anaesthetics: Walter Benjamin's artwork essay reconsidered, pages ‑
Susan Buck-Morss

Experience without a subject: Benjamin and the novel, pages ‑
Martin Jay

The aesthetics of conflict, pages ‑
Julian Roberts

Reviews, pages ‑
Helen Carr, Sharon Monteith, Benita Parry Free to download

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