New Formations Volume 1994 Issue 24

ISSN 0950-2378

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On Not Speaking Chinese


Editorial: On not speaking Chinese, pages ‑
Judith Squires Free to download

On not speaking Chinese: postmodern ethnicity and the politics of diaspora, pages ‑
Ien Ang

Locating multiculturalism's other: a critique of practical tolerance, pages ‑
Ghassan Hage

Goodbye paradise: global localism, Hawaii and cultural production in the American pacific, pages ‑
Rob Wilson

Kipling, a 'primitive' national identity and the 'colonial condition' at home, pages ‑
C.J.W.L Wee

Simulated politics: animal bodies, fur-bearing women, indigenous survival, pages ‑
Julia Emberley

History, the baroque and the judgement of the angels, pages ‑
Iain Chambers

The post-poststructuralist attitude: remarks on the affective phenomenology of Roland Barthes's camera lucida, pages ‑
Neil Roughley

Goodtime girls, men of truth and a thouroughly filthy fellow: sexual pathology and national character in the Profumo affair, pages ‑
Gillian Swanson

Listen to your voice! Authenticity and reflexivity in rock, rap and techno music, pages ‑
Johan Fornäs

Reviews, pages ‑
David Roden, Josh Cohen Free to download

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