New Formations Volume 1996 Issue 28

ISSN 0950-2378

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Conservative Modernity


Editorial: Conservative modernity, pages ‑
David Glover, Cora Kaplan lock_openFree to download

Modern love: femisnism and sensibility in 1796, pages ‑
Harriet Guest

Modernity at the limit: rethinking German exceptionalism before 1914, pages ‑
Geoff Eley

The failure of a hard sponge: class, ethnicity and the art of Mark Gertler, pages ‑
Janet Wolff

Revolutionary conservatism and the tyrannies of unanism, pages ‑
Paul Gilroy

Feminism in psychoanalysis: creativity, conservatism and confinement, pages ‑
Lynne Segal

Ancestral citizens: reflections on British conservatism, pages ‑
Bill Schwarz

Political puig: Eva Peron and the populist negotiation of modernity, pages ‑
John Kraniauskas

Times (modern), modernity (conservative)? Notes on the persistence of a temporal motif, pages ‑
Peter Osborne

Reviews, pages ‑
Michael Wyeld, Stephen Bygrave lock_openFree to download

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