New Formations Volume 2002 Issue 48

ISSN 0950-2378


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Jean Laplanche and the Theory of Seduction

Editorial: recent developments in the general theory of primal seduction, pages ‑
John Fletcher

Narrativity and hermeneutics: some propositions, pages ‑
Jean Laplanche

Sublimation and/or inspiration, pages ‑
Jean Laplanche

Breast-feeding as original seduction and primal scene of seduction, pages ‑
Jacqueline Lanouzière

'It was not my mother': from seduction to negation, pages ‑
Dominique Scarfone

Feminine sexuality: a return to sources, pages ‑

Primal fantasies and their corresponding myths, pages ‑
Guy Rosolato

Reviews, pages ‑
Matthew Jordan, Karyn Ball, Alan Finlayson, Graham Pechey Free to download

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