New Formations Volume 2005 Issue 57

ISSN 0950-2378

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The Spatial Imaginary


Editorial: The spatial imaginary, pages ‑
Richard Phillips, Scott McCracken lock_openFree to download

Terrorism and counter narratives: Don de Lillo and the New York imaginary, pages ‑
Peter Brooker

Practical Deleuzism and postmodern space, pages ‑
Ian Buchanan

After the fact: spatial narratives in the canadian imaginary, pages ‑
Jody Berland

The idea of a critical literary geography, pages ‑
Andrew Thacker

Disseminating Africa: burdens of representation and the African Writers series, pages ‑
Clive Barnett

Geographical immediations: locating The English Patient, pages ‑
Richard Cavell

The spatial poetics of James Joyce, pages ‑
Gerry Kearns

Study, marketplace and labyrinth: geometry as rhetoric, pages ‑
Jess Edwards

Mapping words, pages ‑
Miles Ogborn

Reviews, pages ‑
Laura Marcus, David Cunningham, Janelle Blankenship, Peter Sjølyst-Jackson lock_openFree to download

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