New Formations Volume 2007 Issue 61

ISSN 0950-2378

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Editorial: Kracauer, pages ‑
Jan Campbell lock_openFree to download

The cultural spaces of Siegfied Kracauer: the many surfaces of Berlin, pages ‑
John Allen

Kracauer's Weimar geometry and geomancy, pages ‑
Esther Leslie

Kracauer and the dancing girls, pages ‑
James Donald

Making visible, making strange: photography and representation in Kracauer, Brecht and Benjamin, pages ‑
Steve Giles

The territory of photography: between modernity and utopia in Kracauer's thought, pages ‑
Elena Gualtieri

Contingency's work: Kracauer's theory of film and the trope of the accidental, pages ‑
Janet Harbord

The strangest of station names: changing trains with Kracauer and Benjamin, pages ‑
Barry Langford

Urban optics: film, phantasmagoria and the city in Benjamin and Kracauer, pages ‑
Graeme Gilloch

Are your dreams wishes or desires? Hysteria as distraction and character in the work of Siegfried Kracauer, pages ‑
Jan Campbell

Below the surface: Siegfried Kracauer's 'test-film' project, pages ‑
Graeme Gilloch, Jaeho Kang

Reviews, pages ‑
Nadia Ellis, Joe Moran, Ramaswami Harindranath, Malcolm Miles lock_openFree to download

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