New Formations Volume 2009 Issue 68

ISSN 0950-2378

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Deleuzian Politics?


Editorial: Deleuzian politics?, pages ‑
Jeremy Gilbert lock_openFree to download

Deleuzian politics? A survey and some suggestions, pages ‑
Jeremy Gilbert

Politics as the orientation of every assemblage, pages ‑
Veronique Bergen

On putting the active back into activism, pages ‑
Rosi Braidotti

A tragic note: on Negri and Deleuze in the light of the 'Argentinazo', pages ‑
Jorge Camacho

Queer vitalism, pages ‑
Claire Colebrook

Becoming vulva: flesh, fold, infinity, pages ‑
Patricia MacCormack

Becoming-woman by breaking the waves, pages ‑
Chrysanthi Nigianni

Weatherman, the militant diagram, and the problem of political passion, pages ‑
Nicholas Thoburn

Deleuzian politics? A roundtable discussion, pages ‑
Eric Alliez, Claire Colebrook, Peter Hallward, Nicholas Thoburn

Reviews, pages ‑
Katrina Schlunke lock_openFree to download

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