New Formations Volume 2010 Issue 70

ISSN 0950-2378

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Living Life in Pictures


Editorial: Living life in pictures, pages ‑
Jeremy Gilbert lock_openFree to download

Being in the care of philosophy: thinking about Rachel Corrie, pages ‑
Shahidha K. Bari

Documenting the paedophile: virtual white men in the era of recovered memory, pages ‑
Gillian Harkins

Living life in pictures: isotype as modernist cultural practice, pages ‑
Michelle Henning

Reflections on feminism, immaterial labour and the post Fordist regime, pages ‑
Angela McRobbie

You never look at me from where I see you': postcolonial guilt in caché, pages ‑
James Penney

Remembering Islamic empires: speaking of imperialism and islamophobia, pages ‑
Richard Phillips

The production of subjectivity: from transindividuality to the commons, pages ‑
Jason Read

Ravishing Maggie: Thatcherism thirty years on', pages ‑
Jackie Stacey

Split level, or, the predicament of dwelling, pages ‑
Matt Waggoner

Reviews, pages ‑
Robert Lapsley, Simon Harvey, Jamie Hakim, Katherine Harrison, Felicia Chan, Sam Cooper lock_openFree to download

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