New Formations Volume 2014 Issue 82

ISSN 0950-2378

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Mood Work


Booknotes, pages ‑
Emily Hogg

Introducing Mood Work, pages ‑
Ben Highmore, Jenny Bourne Taylor lock_openFree to download

Not in the Mood, pages ‑
Sara Ahmed lock_openFree to download

The multitude strikes back? Boredom in an age of semiocapitalism, pages ‑
Michael E. Gardiner

Cultural theory as mood work, pages ‑
Carolyn Pedwell

The mood of defeat, pages ‑
Scott McCracken

The Great War and British broadcasting: emotional life in the creation of the BBC, pages ‑
David Hendy

The legibilities of mood work, pages ‑
Jennifer D. Carlson, Kathleen C. Stewart

Reviews, pages ‑
Belinda Morrissey, Nicholas Daly, Ben Noys, Ben Highmore lock_openFree to download

Blame the Mummy, pages ‑
Nicholas Daly

The Murderer Within, pages ‑

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