Post-Post-Fordism in the Era of Platforms

New Formations - ISSN 0950-2378
Volume 2014 Number 84-85

Post-Post-Fordism in the Era of Platforms
Robin Murray, Jeremy Gilbert, Andrew Goffey, pages -
DOI: 10.398/NEWF:84/85.09.2015


One of the UK’s leading radical economists discusses the history of post-Fordism as both a concept and a set of economic practices, with specific reference to his role as an innovative municipal policy-maker at the GLC in the 1980s and subsequently. The interview explores the ways in which post-Fordism has mutated since the 1980s, before moving on to discuss the attention economy and the death of the brand. It then looks at the future of co-operatives and ideas of co-operation in the age of social media, before investigating in more detail the politics of platforms and the democratic possibilities opened up by peer-to-peer technologies. Murray makes a convincing case that we have now entered the epoch of ‘post-post-Fordism’: the era of the platforms. The discussion is framed with reference to Deleuze’s ‘control societies’ hypothesis, which is the subject of the themed journal issue in which the interview appears.

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