New Formations - ISSN 0950-2378
Volume 2019 Number 98

Clare Birchall, Jack Boulton, Joni Meenagh, Danielle Sands pages -
DOI: 10.3898/NEWF: 98.REV01.2019


On the NSA (New Security Aesthetics)
Clare Birchall reviews Matthew Potolsky, The National Security Sublime: On the Aesthetics of Government Secrecy, London, Routledge, 2019, 183pp; £115 hardback; from £21 ebook.

All Good in Theory
Jack Boulton reviews John Protevi, Edges of the State, Minnesota, University of Minnesota Press, 2019, 118pp; paperback, $7.95, ISBN 978-1-517-90796-9.

Can Femininity be Queer?
Joni Meenagh reviews Hannah McCann, Queering Femininity: Sexuality, Feminism, and the Politics of Presentation, London and New York, Routledge, 2018, 162pp; £115.00 hardcover.

Judgment, or Learning How to Live
Danielle Sands reviews Jacques Derrida, Before the Law: The Complete Text of Préjugés, Sandra Van Reenan and Jacques de Ville (trans.), Minneapolis & London, University of Minnesota Press, 2018, 78pp; ISBN 978-1517905514 (pbk).

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