New Formations Volume 2020 Issue 102

ISSN 0950-2378

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This Conjuncture: 3


Editorial, pages 5‑9
Jeremy Gilbert Free to download

Woke? Affect, neoliberalism, marginalised identities and consumer culture, pages 10‑27
Rosalind Gill, Akane Kanai Free to download

Disjunctive Constellations: On Climate Change, Conjunctures and Cultural Studies, pages 28‑43
Ben Highmore

Patriarchy in the Digital Conjuncture: An Analysis of Google’s James Damore, pages 44‑63
Ben Little, Alison Winch

‘The Old Prejudices Wax, The Old Interests Play, The Old Neuroses Govern’: Defeat and The Conjuncture, pages 64‑77
Scott McCracken

What We (Still) Need to Learn: Stuart Hall and the Struggle Against Racism, pages 78‑91
Gilbert B. Rodman

Leaving Academia: The Shifting Terrain Of Higher Education, pages 92‑107
Lynne Segal

Reviews, pages 108‑128
Free to download

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