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Renewal is a quarterly journal of politics and ideas, committed to exploring and expanding the emancipatory potential of social democracy, which has always been a complex and contested political tradition. Renewal offers a space in which its historic purposes – the expansion of equality, democratic governance, and social freedoms – can be debated, advanced and applied to contemporary politics.

Craig Berry
Nick Garland
Eunice Goes
Eleanor Lowe
Karl Pike

Contributing Editors
Christine Berry | Lise Butler | Daniel Chandler | Alex Campsie | Richard Douglas | Cathy Elliott | Joe Guinan | Morgan Jones | David Klemperer | Martin O’Neill | James Stafford | Lea Ypi 

Editorial Advisors
Alan Finlayson | Anthony Barnett |Jon Cruddas MP | Will Davies | Sally Davison | John Denham | Alice Hood | Ben Jackson | Mathew Lawrence | Neal Lawson | Martin McIvor | Ed Miliband MP | Mika Minio-Paluello | Lisa Nandy MP | John Park | Marina Prentoulis | Rachel Reeves MP | Carys Roberts | Emily Robinson | Alex Runswick | Mike Rustin | Ania Skrzypek | Alex Sobel MP | Marc Stears | John Tomaney | Paul Thompson 

Renewal has consistently contributed to the remaking and revitalisation of the centre-left. That is why it is essential reading for those who want to chart a future for progressive politics.’ Ed Miliband MP

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