Renewal Volume 27 (2019) Issue 1

ISSN 0968-5211


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Editorial: When do you have to lie?, pages ‑
Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite, James Stafford Free to download

The global financial crisis and its history: responses to Adam Tooze's Crashed, pages ‑
Sahil Jai Dutta, Grace Blakeley, Anahi´ Wiedenbrug Free to download

Socialism, (neo)liberalism, and the Treaties of Rome, pages ‑
Brian Shaev Free to download

Social democracy and the Europe Question: lessons from Weimar?, pages ‑
Marius S Ostrowski

Labour's international development policy: internationalism, globalisation, and gender, pages ‑
Charlotte Lydia Riley

What does a left-wing foreign policy look like?, pages ‑
George Morris

The poor always pay more: financial access to address marginalisation, pages ‑
Juvaria Jafri Free to download

Citizen's wealth funds, a citizen's dividend and basic income, pages ‑
Stewart Lansley, Duncan McCann Free to download

Place-based policy and politics, pages ‑
Fabrizio Barca

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