Twentieth Century Communism Volume 2019 Issue 16

ISSN 1758-6437

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‘Be a better communist’. A militant life history, pages ‑
Giulia Strippoli

An Enduring Enchantment: The Fairy Tale in the DDR, from the Brothers Grimm to ‘The Singing Ringing Tree’, pages ‑
John Callow lock_openFree to download

The Communist Party of Cyprus, the Comintern and the uprising of 1931: thoughts on the ‘apologia’ of Charalambos Vatyliotis (Vatis), pages ‑
Manolis Choumerianos, Spyros Sakellaropoulos

Reviews, pages ‑
Willie Thompson, Tauno Saarela, Marzia Maccaferri, Gavin Bowd, Stephen Gundle, Geoff Andrews lock_openFree to download

Some lost worlds of Eric Hobsbawm: interviews with a communist historian: 1990-2001, pages ‑
Antony Howe

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