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Volume 2020 Number 19

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This is the first issue of Twentieth Century Communism to be edited in a pandemic. While the pressure of other events has naturally posed certain challenges, this has also proved to be a great opportunity for the journal. It has increasingly seemed some- thing of a contradiction to have a journal of international history edited solely from the UK. We had already agreed in principle to expanding out editorial team, but it was in the context of the lockdown and ubiquity of zoom that at last in July we held our first tricontinental editorial meeting.

We welcome our new editors, Kasper Braske´n, Evan Smith, Giulia Strippoli and Elke Weesjes and look forward to their contributions to the journal. This will be immediately reflected in our social media presence, with a TCC Twitter page and enhanced use of our journal blog and webpage. We have also agreed that the journal’s primary focus should continue be on themed issues of an international character – though not to the exclusion of individual submissions, which are always welcome. A number of future themes were agreed including global Maoism and anti-revisionism; communism and coalmining; the communist experi- ence in the camps and resistance; anti-fascism; communism in Latin America and Stalin as a global figure. As always, we welcome sugges- tions of future themes and the collaboration of guest-editors.

In just this spirit, the current issue comprises stand-alone articles and reviews together with two papers from the conference ‘Anti- Communism in the Twentieth Century: An International Historical Perspective’ held at Queen’s University Belfast in May 2019. We are grateful to the conference organisers Matthew Gerth and Conor McFall and hope to publish more contributions from the same conference in future issues.

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