Anarchist Studies Volume 24 (2016) Issue 1

ISSN 2633-8270

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The Rojava Revolution and British Solidarity, pages ‑
Yagmur Savran

Anarchist Women Of Imperial Japan: Lives, Subjectivities, Representations, pages ‑
Helene Bowen Raddeker

Is the State Part of the Matrix of Domination and Intersectionality? An Anarchist Inquiry, pages ‑
Francis Dupuis-Deri Free to download

Are these Bubbles Anarchist? Peter Sloterdijk’s Spherology and the Question of Anarchism, pages ‑
Iwona Janicka

Global Anarchism and Syndicalism: Theory, History, Resistance, pages ‑
Lucien van der Walt

Response to Thomas Klikauer's review article 'Management, business, anarchism', pages ‑
Konstantin Stoborod, Thomas Swann

AS Vol 24 No 1 - Reviews, pages ‑
Jim Donaghey, Vittorio Frigerio, Robert Graham, Thomas Martin

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