Anarchist Studies Volume 29 (2021) Issue 2

ISSN 2633-8270

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About this issue’s cover: ‘Art is the Map of the Human Soul’, pages 6‑8
Alan Antliff lock_openFree to download

Peter Kropotkin: An Appreciation, pages 9‑14
Herbert Read

Bakunin, the Franco-Prussian War and After; Civilisation, Internationalism and Change , pages 15‑43
A.W. Zurbrugg

Character Flaws – An Anarchist Critique of Character Education in England’s Secondary Schools , pages 44‑74
DaN McKee lock_openFree to download

The Cryptoanarchist Character of Bitcoin’s Digital Governance, pages 75‑99
Enrico Beltramini

Reviews, pages 100‑127
lock_openFree to download

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