Anarchist Studies Volume 30 (2022) Issue 2

ISSN 2633-8270

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About this issue’s Cover: Mocking Lenin, pages 6‑7
Allan Antliff Free to download

An Anarchist Has to Live off Something: Emma Goldman as a Capitalist Publicist, pages 8‑30
Frank Jacob

From the Ashes of the Old: Anarchism Reborn in a Counterrevolutionary Age (1970s-1990s), pages 31‑54
Spencer Beswick

Power Relations in Grassroots Organising: An Anarchist Dialectics, pages 55‑78
Nora Ziegler Free to download

Remembering Murray Bookchin (1921-2006): Dialectical Naturalism, pages 79‑94
Brian Morris

Reviews, pages 95‑126

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