Anarchist Studies - ISSN 2633-8270
Volume 32 Number 1 (2024)

pages 109-127


Alissa Starodub and Andrew Robinson (eds.), Riots and Militant Occupations: Smashing a System, Building a World – A Critical Introduction Reviewed by Rhiannon Firth

Mark Antliff, Sculptors Against the State: Anarchism and the Anglo-European 
Avant-Garde Reviewed by Declan Lloyd

Fernando O’Neill Cuesta, Direct Action in Montevideo: Uruguayan Anarchism, 1927–1937, translated by Luigi Celentano Reviewed by Ivanna Margarucci

Steve J. Shone, Women of Liberty Reviewed by Constance Bantman

Murray Bookchin, The Modern Crisis
Y. Tarinski (ed.), Enlightenment and Ecology: The Legacy of Murray Bookchin Reviewed by Marina Lademacher

Thomas Swann, Anarchist Cybernetics: Control and Communication in Radical Politics Reviewed by Chantelle Gray

Richard Morgan, The Making of Kropotkin’s Anarchist Thought: Disease, Degeneration, Health and the Bio-Political Dimension Reviewed by Jon Bekken

Antonio Negri, The End of Sovereignty, Ed Emery (trans.) Reviewed by Michael Bush

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