FORUM Volume 45 (2003) Issue 1

ISSN 0963-8253

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Editorial, pages 1‑2
Clyde Chitty

Comprehensive Schools Then, Now and in the Future: is it time to draw a line in the sand and create a new ideal?, 3, pages 3‑11
Tim Brighouse

The Right to a Comprehensive Education, pages 12‑16
Clyde Chitty

Diversity and Admissions to English Secondary Schools, pages 17‑18
Peter Newsam

Research Evidence and Government Policy: the need for a stronger connection, pages 19‑21
John Dunford

Curriculum Innovation: learning from the Queensland Project, pages 22‑23
Mike Peters

The ISED Project: developing emotional literacy and social justice, pages 24‑25
Brian Matthews

Teaching Assistants: whose definition?, pages 26‑29
Annabelle Dixon

Review Article, pages 30‑32
Patrick Yarker

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