New Formations Volume 1988 Issue 5

ISSN 0950-2378

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Editorial: Identities, pages ‑

The commitment to theory, pages ‑
Homi K. Bhabha

Tarzan and the jungle bunnies, pages ‑
Philip Cohen

Tales of the lost land, pages ‑
Glenn Bowman

Rimbaud and spatial history, pages ‑
Kristin Ross

Liberty, maternity, commodification, pages ‑
Kaja Silverman

Carmenology, pages ‑
Adrian Rifkin

Night errantry: the epistomology of the wandering woman, pages ‑
Margaret Soltan

The overflow of words, pages ‑
Andrew Benjamin

The end of the pier show?, pages ‑
Gill Davies

Coughing up fire, pages ‑
Les Back

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