New Formations Volume 1989 Issue 7

ISSN 0950-2378

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Modernism / Masochism


Seiburealism, pages ‑
Victor Burgen

Submission and reading: feminine masochism and feminist criticism, pages ‑

Totalled machines: criticism, photography and technological change, pages ‑
John Tagg

L'Arroseur Arrose(e), pages ‑
Geoff Bennington

Habermas vs Lyotard: modernity vs postmodernity?, pages ‑
Emilia Steuerman

The Kantian sublime, the Avant-Garde, and the Postmodern: a critique of Lyotard, pages ‑
Paul Crowther

In the midst of pyschoanalysis, pages ‑
Mark Cousins

Narratives of nationalism: being 'British', pages ‑
Iain Chambers

Lofts and gardens, pages ‑
Adrian Forty

Art history differently: Griselda Pollock, pages ‑
Lisa Tickner

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