New Formations Volume 1989 Issue 8

ISSN 0950-2378

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Editorial: Techno-ecologies, pages ‑
James Donald lock_openFree to download

Cinema/Americanism/the robot, pages ‑
Peter Wollen

Liberty of the press' in the 1990s, pages ‑
John Keane

Us and them: on the philosophical bases of political criticism, pages ‑
S.P. Mohanty

Naming the Armenian genocide: the quest for 'truth' and a search for possibilites, pages ‑
David Kazanjian, Anahid Kassabian

The 'sound' of music: technological rationalization and the production of popular music, pages ‑
Paul Theberge

The technophilic body: on technicity in William Gibson's cyborg culture, pages ‑
David Tomas

The three ecologies, pages ‑
Felix Guattari

Satre: generosity and debt, pages ‑
Margaret Whitfield

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