New Formations Volume 1990 Issue 11

ISSN 0950-2378

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Subjects in Space


Subjects in space, pages ‑
Dick Hebdige

A miniature history of the Walkman, pages ‑
Iain Chambers

Metamorphoses at Sydney Tower, pages ‑
Meagan Morris

Crawley: a space mythology, pages ‑
Sam Appleby

The philosophy of brick, pages ‑
Raphael Samuel

Milton Friedman's smile: travel culture and the poetics of a city, pages ‑
Peter D. Osborne

Chance encounters: Flâneur and détraquée in Breton's Nadja, pages ‑
Victor Burgin

The city and the imaginary, pages ‑
Donatella Mazzoleni

Nation and identity: Bondi, pages ‑
Ann Game

In memoriam, Nicholas Green, pages ‑
Adrian Rifkin

Monuments, memorials and the framing of the individual in Third Republic France, pages ‑
Nicholas Green

Mix and match, pages ‑
Sean Nixon

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