New Formations Volume 1995 Issue 26

ISSN 0950-2378

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Psychoanalysis & Culture


Editorial: Psychoanalysis & culture, pages ‑
Lesley Caldwell lock_openFree to download

Memory and desire in Freud's civilisation and its discontents, pages ‑
Malcolm Bowie

An interview with André Green, pages ‑
Lesley Caldwell

In praise of 'conflictuality', pages ‑
Dominique Scarfone

The psychology of madness: a contribution from psychoanalysis, pages ‑
D.W. Winnicott

Wittgenstein, interpretations and the foundations of psychoanalysis, pages ‑
Jim Hopkins

Art as a symptom of not dying, pages ‑
Claire Pajaczkowska

Loss and mourning in Verdi's Rigoletto, pages ‑
Alex Tarnopolsky

Rigoletto's bottle: psychoanalysis and opera, pages ‑
Christopher Wintle

Forward: revisiting psychoanalysis and feminism, pages ‑
Ann Scott

Twenty years on, pages ‑
Juliet Mitchell

Brief reflections, pages ‑
Margot Waddell

Feminism, sexuality and psychoanalysis, pages ‑
Joanna Ryan

Day of reckoning - a personal statement, pages ‑
Joan Raphael-Leff

Geopsychoanalysis: '...and the rest of the world', pages ‑
Jacques Derrida

Reviews, pages ‑
Wendy Cealey Harrison, Timothy Champion lock_openFree to download

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