New Formations Volume 1997 Issue 32

ISSN 0950-2378

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Legal Fictions


Editorial: Legal fictions, pages ‑
Stella Swain lock_openFree to download

Infanticide and the nation: the case of Caroline Beale, pages ‑
Josephine McDonagh

Aliens, anarchists and detectives: legislating the immigrant body, pages ‑
David Glover

Language, ethics and imagination: narratives of the (m)other in law and literature, pages ‑
Maria Aristodemou

Writing constitutions, pages ‑
Ian Ward

Transcripts: law, literature and the trials of the voice, pages ‑
Steven Connor

Narrative and legality in Charles Dicken's The mystery of Edwin Drood, pages ‑
Stella Swain

Witnesses and truth: juridical narratives and dialogism in Wilkie Collins' The Woman in White and the Moonstone', pages ‑
Adele Wills

Oscar Wilde: before the law, pages ‑
Ruth Robbins

Degenerescent lections: legal fictions in Rushdie, Derrida and Bhabha, pages ‑
Philip Leonard

Rehearsing the witch trials: gender injustice in The Crucible, pages ‑
Joseph Valente

The lesbian outlaw, pages ‑
Sally Munt

'In the exigency of his longing': Freud's discovery of law and fiction in Totem and Taboo, pages ‑
Peter Fitzpatrick

The concept of sleaze, pages ‑
Timothy Bewes

Reviews, pages ‑
Leslie Hill, Kimberly Hutchings, Adam Gearey, Piyel Haldar lock_openFree to download

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