New Formations Volume 1998 Issue 36

ISSN 0950-2378

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Diana and Democracy


Editorial: Diana and democracy, pages ‑
Jeremy Gilbert, David Glover, Cora Kaplan, Jenny Bourne Taylor, Wendy Wheeler lock_openFree to download

The cult of celebrity, pages ‑
Jacqueline Rose

Disposing with Diana: Diana's death and the funeral culture, pages ‑
Ruth Richardson

Unworkable feeling: Diana, death and feminisation, pages ‑
Carol Watts

Diana and the constitution: a conversation, pages ‑
Anthony Barnett, Jenny Bourne Taylor

The temporality of democracy: the long revolution and Diana, Princess of Wales, pages ‑
Mark Gibson

Remembering Diana: the geography of celebrity and the politics of lack, pages ‑
Nick Couldry

Violence and the sacred: the Iron Lady, the Princess and the People's PM, pages ‑
Heather Nunn

An extraordinary life: the legacy of an ambivalence, pages ‑
Lisa Blackman

Alt.Conspiracy.Princess-Diana: the conspiracy of discourse, pages ‑
Clare Birchall

Princess: Diana, femininity and the royal, pages ‑
Jude Davies

Reviews, pages ‑
Rosalind Brunt, Feona Attwood, Christine Clegg, Elizabeth Maslen, Maire E Cross, Alison Donnell, Ben Highmore lock_openFree to download

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