New Formations Volume 2000 Issue 40

ISSN 0950-2378

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Editorial: Culture/China, pages ‑
Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, Harriet Evans lock_openFree to download

Editorial: la chine in culture / China, pages ‑
Stephanie Hemelryk Donald

A stranger to yourself: ways of becoming an another - an interview with Yang Lian, pages ‑
John Cayley

Internet, memory, and the Chinese diaspora - the case of the Nanjing massacre, pages ‑
Wanning Sun

Going south, pages ‑
Audrey Yue, Gay Hawkins

Xiao Ye: food, alterity, and the pleasure of Chineseness in Malaysia, pages ‑
Souchou Yao

Allegorical figures: placing the work of Pam Leung, pages ‑
Katie Hill

Globalisation and minoritisation: Ang Lee and the politics of flexibility, pages ‑
Shu-mei Shih

Alienation, aesthetic distance and absorption in Tsai Mingliang's Vive L'Amour, pages ‑
Richard Read

Fashioning identities, consuming passions: public images of women in China, pages ‑
Harriet Evans

Other China / China's others: a report on the first national forum on the protection of migrant women workers, Beijing, pages ‑
Tamara Jacka

Reviews, pages ‑
Craig Clunas, Tseen Khoo, Sarah Stevens lock_openFree to download

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