New Formations Volume 2000 Issue 41

ISSN 0950-2378

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The Future of Dialogue


Editorial: The future of dialogue, pages ‑
David Glover lock_openFree to download

'And art thou nothing?': Dialogue and critique in Romanticism, pages ‑
Stephen Bygrave

The future of monologue, pages ‑
Simon Jarvis

The burden of intersubjectivity: dialogue as communicative ideal in postmodern fiction and theory, pages ‑
Peter Middleton

Doing the call and response': dialogue in contemporary African American poetics, pages ‑
Nicky Marsh

Conflict not conversation: the defeat of dialogue in Bakhtin and de Man, pages ‑
Lucy Hartley

It's too good to talk: myths of dialogue in Bakhtin and Habermas, pages ‑
Ken Hirschkop

Universalism/particularism: towards a poststructural politics of universality, pages ‑
Saul Newman

Gendered melancholy or general melancholy? Homosexual attachments in the formation of gender, pages ‑
John Hood-Williams, Wendy Cealey Harrison

Sibling love and queer subjectivity, pages ‑
Denis Flannery

The Great War and postmodern memory, pages ‑
Michèle Barrett

Secularist faith in Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children, pages ‑
Sujala Singh

Oedipus express: trains, trauma and detective fiction, pages ‑
Laura Marcus

Reviews, pages ‑
Sarah Parry, Yogita Goyal lock_openFree to download

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