New Formations Volume 2001 Issue 44

ISSN 0950-2378

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Mass-Observation as Poetics and Science


Introduction: the project of mass observation, pages ‑
Laura Marcus

Charles Madge and the mass-observation archive: a personal note, pages ‑
Dorothy Sheridan

Bourgeois news: Humphrey Jennings and Charles Madge, pages ‑
Rod Mengham

In the blitz of dreams: mass-observation and the historical uses of dream reports, pages ‑
Tyrus Miller

'A door half open to surprise': Charles Madge's imminences, pages ‑
Steven Connor

Charles Madge: political perception and the persistence of poetry, pages ‑
Drew Milne

Charles Madge and mass-observation are at home: from anthropology to war, and after, pages ‑
Nick Hubble

Mass-observation, surrealism, social anthropology:a present day assessment, pages ‑
Jeremy MacClancy

Giving voice to the ordinary: mass-observation and the documentary film, pages ‑
Elizabeth Cowie

Historical entries: mass-observation diarists 1937-2001, pages ‑
Margaretta Jolly

Arresting cinema: surveillance and the city-state in the representation of Hong Kong, pages ‑
Karen Fang

Reviews, pages ‑
Jeremy Gilbert, Lois Wheller, Herman Rapaport, Adam Roberts lock_openFree to download

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