New Formations Volume 2003 Issue 49

ISSN 0950-2378

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Complex Figures


Introduction, pages ‑
Philip Tew, Wendy Wheeler lock_openFree to download

Philosophy of science as 'history of the present': quantum theory, anti-realism, and paradigm change, pages ‑
Christopher Norris

Science and the aesthetics of English modernism, pages ‑
Patricia Waugh

Reading the texture of reality: interpretations of chaos theory in literature and literary studies, pages ‑
Merja Polvinen

Everthing is real: Gilles Deleuze and creative univocity, pages ‑
Peter Hallward

Trans-genesis: an interview with Eduardo Kac, pages ‑
Lisa Lynch

Philosophy in the wild? Kac and Derrida on animals and responsibility, pages ‑
Steve Baker

Humans, animals, machines, pages ‑
Kate Soper

The scientist goes surfing: Timothy Leary, LSD and the internet, pages ‑
Debra Benita Shaw

Demon-haunted Darwinism, pages ‑
Roger Luckhurst

Future imperfect: versions of science in the theme park, pages ‑
Deborah Philips

A brief history of Stephen Hawking: making scientific meaning in contemporary anglo-american culture, pages ‑
Megan Stern

Reviews, pages ‑
Elizabeth B. Silva, Esther Leslie, Eleanor Byrne, Mark Perryman lock_openFree to download

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