New Formations Volume 2005 Issue 56

ISSN 0950-2378

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Critical Realism Today


Editorial: New essays in critical realism, pages ‑
Kathryn Dean, Jonathan Joseph, Alan Norrie lock_openFree to download

Before critical realism: Kantian empirical metaphysics, pages ‑
Jolyon Agar

Critical realism and the strategic-relational approach, pages ‑
Bob Jessop

Sex and gender: a critical realist approach, pages ‑
Caroline New

Biology and the New Scientific Subjectivism: a suitable case for critical realism?, pages ‑
Kathryn Dean

Post-Cartesian anxieties: embodied subjectivity after the linguistic turn, pages ‑
Gideon Calder

Theorising 'spectrality': ontology and ethics in Derrida and Bhaskar, pages ‑
Alan Norrie

Derrida, Foucault and Zizek: being realistic about social theory, pages ‑
John Michael Roberts, Jonathan Joseph

Dialectical critical realism and existential phenomenology: a dialogue, pages ‑
Diana Coole

Ontological casuistry: Bhaskar's meta-reality, fine structure, and human disposition, pages ‑
Jamie Morgan

The spiritual turn in critical realism, pages ‑
Douglas V. Porpora

Reviews, pages ‑
David Macey, Mara Mills, Jeremy Gilbert, Yogita Goyal, Ben Highmore, Shelley Trower lock_openFree to download

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