New Formations Volume 2006 Issue 60

ISSN 0950-2378

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Eugenics Old and New


Introduction: eugenics old and new, pages ‑
Carolyn Burdett

Eugenics and genetics: the conjoint twins?, pages ‑
Hilary Rose

Parsing the postmenopausal pregnancy: a case study in the new eugenics, pages ‑
Elizabeth Siegal Watkins

Eugenics and social democracy: or, how the European left tried to eliminate the 'weeds' from its national gardens, pages ‑
Veronique Mottier, Natalia Gerodetti

Serenity, self-regard and the genetic sequence: social psychiatry and preventive eugenics in Britain, 1930s-1950s, pages ‑
Gillian Swanson

British eugenics and 'race-crossing': a study of an interwar investigation, pages ‑
Lucy Bland

Is the new genetics eugenic? Interpreting the past, envisioning the future, pages ‑
Alan Petersen

Eugenics: a polemical view of social policy in the genetic age, pages ‑
Bill Armer

Self-eugenics: the creeping illusioning of identity from neurobiology to newgenics, pages ‑
Barbara Maria Stafford

Eugenic undergrounds: stem cells and human futures, pages ‑
Chris Ganchoff

The new eugenics: Jacques Testart and French bioethics, pages ‑
John Marks

Contra habermas and towards a critical theory of human nature and the question of genetic enhancement, pages ‑
Lenny Moss

Reviews, pages ‑
John Dupre, Staffan Muller-Wille, Milla Rosenberg, Kristin Rencher, Marouf Hasian lock_openFree to download

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