New Formations Volume 2007 Issue 63

ISSN 0950-2378

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Editorial: The happiness turn, pages ‑
Sara Ahmed lock_openFree to download

Cruel optimism: on Marx, loss and the senses, pages ‑
Lauren Berlant

Compulsory happiness and queer existence, pages ‑
Heather Love

Happy memories, pages ‑
Carrie Hamilton

Narrative happiness and the meaning of life, pages ‑
Claire Colebrook

The problematic joys of gambling: subjects in a state, pages ‑
Fiona Nicoll

Multiculturalism and the promise of happiness, pages ‑
Sara Ahmed

Reviews, pages ‑
Rowan Boyson, Vincent Lloyd, Janet Harbord lock_openFree to download

Is happiness contagious?, pages ‑
Lisa Blackman

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