New Formations Volume 2008 Issue 64

ISSN 0950-2378

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Earthographies: Ecocriticism and Culture


Introduction, pages ‑
Wendy Wheeler, Hugh Dunkerley lock_openFree to download

Recent critiques of ecocriticism, pages ‑
Terry Gifford

The poverty of ecocritical theory: E.P. Thompson and the British perspective, pages ‑
John Parham

Ecocriticism, ecopoetics, and a creed outworn, pages ‑
Dana Phillips

Nature post-nature, pages ‑
Patrick Curry

Sustaining authentic human experience in community, pages ‑
Noel Keough

The ecological blind spot in postmodernism, pages ‑
Jonathan Coope

On the road: Robert Louis Stevenson's views on nature, pages ‑
William Gray

Stirring the geopolitical unconscious: towards a Jamesonian ecocriticism, pages ‑
Adrian Ivakhiv

Learning from Temple Grandin, or, animal studies, disability studies, and who comes after the subject, pages ‑
Cary Wolfe

Heidegger's shepherd of being and Neitzsche's satyr, pages ‑
Ron Broglio

Postscrpt on biosemiotics: reading beyond words - and ecocriticism, pages ‑
Wendy Wheeler

Reviews, pages ‑
Michelle Henning, Paul Cobley lock_openFree to download

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