New Formations Volume 2008 Issue 66

ISSN 0950-2378

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Postmodernism, Music and Cultural Theory


Checking the post: music, postmodernism and cultural theory, pages ‑
David Bennett

More PoMo than thou: the status of cultural meanings in music, pages ‑
Susan McClary

Music and postmodernity, pages ‑
Jean-François Lyotard

Post-politics and riotous music, pages ‑
David Bennett

Strings in the earth and air, pages ‑
Steven Connor

The sonorous, the haptic and the intensive, pages ‑
Claire Colebrook, David Bennett

Sampling, cyborgs and simulation: popular music in the digital hypermodern, pages ‑
Nick Prior

Postnationalism, postmodernism and the German discourse(s) of weltmusik, pages ‑
Andrew Wright Hurley

James Brown and the 'illogic' of innovation: a Deleuzian perspective, pages ‑
John Scannell

Chair creaks, though no one sits there: decomposition and liquidity, pages ‑
David Toop

Music as model for postmodern textual analysis, pages ‑
Gay Breyley

Naming: music and the postmodern, pages ‑
Judy Lochhead

Reviews, pages ‑
Peter Sjølyst-Jackson, Vincent Lloyd, Jon Cairns lock_openFree to download

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