New Formations Volume 2010 Issue 72

ISSN 0950-2378

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Psychoanalysis, Money and the Global Financial Crisis


'Money is laughing gas to me' (Freud): a critique of pure reason in economics and psychoanalysis, pages ‑
David Bennett

Analysand and analyst in the global economy, or why anyone in their right mind would pay for an analysis, pages ‑
Bruce Fink

The financial crisis: a psychoanalytic view of illusion, greed and reparation in masculine phantasy, pages ‑
Karl Figlio

The meaning of money': the ruble, the dollar and psychoanalysis, pages ‑
Viktor Mazin

Financial crisis, social pathologies and 'generalised perversion': questioning Zižek's diagnosis of the times, pages ‑
Geoff Boucher, Matthew Sharpe

What a waste of money: expenditure, the death drive and the contemporary art market, pages ‑
Paul Crosthwaite

Psychoanalysis, anti-semitism and the miser, pages ‑
Stephen Frosh

Psychoanalytic reflections on the nature of money: authority, regulation of standards, and the law of the father, pages ‑
Tan Waelchli

Pleasure and pain: at the crossroads of psychoanalysis and the political economy, pages ‑
Jean-Joseph Goux

What kind of subject is the market?, pages ‑
Campbell Jones

Translator's introduction to Bernard Stiegler's 'pharmacology of desire: drive-based capitalism and libidinal dis-economy', pages ‑
Daniel Ross

Pharmacology of desire: drive-based capitalism and libidinal dis-economy, pages ‑
Bernard Stiegler

Reviews, pages ‑
Steven D. Brown, Laura Mulvey, Ian Parker, Benjamin Noys lock_openFree to download

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