New Formations Volume 2021 Issue 103

ISSN 0950-2378

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Editorial, pages 5‑9
Joe Jackson, Claire Westall lock_openFree to download

There Will be Blood: Oil Curse, Fossil Dependency and Petro-Addiction, pages 10‑42
Michael Watts

Our Future is Still The Future of 1973: Shell’s Foresight and the Petrocultural Penumbra, pages 43‑62
Jeff Diamanti

Quitting (the) Habit: Fossil Fuels, Governmentality and the Politics of Energy Dependency, pages 63‑77
Imre Szeman lock_openFree to download

Liberalism’s Opiate Subjectivity: Dependency, Edinburgh and Enlightenment, pages 78‑93
Michael Gardiner

‘Modulated Perfectly’: Scotland’s Neoliberal Culture of Moderated Alcohol Dependency, pages 94‑112
Joe Jackson

The ‘Catastrophic Consciousness of Backwardness’: Culture and Dependency Theory in Latin America and the Caribbean, pages 113‑133
Michael Niblett

‘waiting for the master’s dams to crack’: Hydro-dependency, Water Autonomy and world-Literature, pages 134‑155
Sharae Deckard lock_openFree to download

Affective Politics, Activism and the Commons: From WECH to Grenfell, pages 156‑180
Lisa Blackman lock_openFree to download

Reviews, pages 181‑192
lock_openFree to download

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