Renewal Volume 29 (2021) Issue 1

ISSN 0968-5211

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Editorial: The patriotism problem, pages 5‑10
James Stafford Free to download

Taking control of the future: innovation, skills and the Green Industrial Revolution, pages 11‑15
Chi Onwurah MP

A Blue New Deal, pages 16‑27
Chris Armstrong

The politics of competence: Covid-19 and the ERM, pages 28‑37
Giuseppe Telesca

Nothing is inevitable: narrating the Covid crisis, pages 28‑48
Stella Creasy MP, Karl Pike Free to download

Wrapped up in the Union Jack: Starmer’s patriotic turn, pages 49‑59
Eunice Goes

Re-inventing internationalism: lessons from the World Social Forum , pages 60‑71
John Chowcat

Remember Scarborough!, pages 72‑82
Morgan Jones Free to download

Inconvenient voices: Muslim women in the Labour Party, pages 83‑89
Farah Hussain Free to download

Review, pages 90‑95
Jon Cruddas MP

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