Renewal Volume 30 (2022) Issue 3

ISSN 0968-5211

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Editorial: Joining the dots, pages 5‑7
George Morris lock_openFree to download

An industrial strategy for the twenty-first century, pages 8‑18
Craig Berry, Julie Froud, Suzanne J. Konzelmann, Scott Lavery

Tooze’s Marx, pages 19‑29
Scott Lavery lock_openFree to download

Overlapping cleavages in Scottish politics: from block on progress to progressive bloc, pages 30‑42
David Purdy

The strange death of socialist France, pages 43‑53
David Klemperer

Political visions (and where to find them), pages 54‑63
Nick O’Donovan

Keir Starmer and the Philosopher’s Stone, pages 64‑72
Colm Murphy lock_openFree to download

Why Labour must back migrants’ rights without apology, pages 73‑79
Dan Davison

Culture wars and class wars, pages 80‑94
Frederick Harry Pitts, Paul Thompson, Jon Cruddas, Jo Ingold

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