Renewal Volume 30 (2022) Issue 2

ISSN 0968-5211

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Editorial: Beyond the chaos, pages 5‑9
Nick Garland, Emily Robinson Free to download

‘Let them eat cake’: Conservatism in the age of Boris Johnson, pages 10‑22
Robert Saunders Free to download

Roundtable: Considering cake-ism, pages 23‑34
Tim Bale, Amreen Qureshi, Jo Littler, Ben Jackson

The Conservatives’ political economy: ‘State rentier capitalism’ or old wine in new bottles?, pages 35‑47
Christine Berry, Laurie MacFarlane Free to download

The not-so-Conservative Party in European perspective, pages 48‑56
Richard Hayton

Wall of noise? How useful are theories of electoral geography built on socio-demographic composition?, pages 57‑64
Patrick English

Culture war ‘Marxism’: The Revolutionary Communist Party diaspora and the Conservative Party, pages 65‑73
Morgan Jones Free to download

Cruel Britannia: Toby Young’s World, pages 74‑81
Phoenix C.S. Andrews

The UK’s democratic crisis, pages 82‑87
Jun Pang

Is the UK sliding into state capture?, pages 88‑95
Liz David-Barrett

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