Twentieth Century Communism Volume 2018 Issue 14

ISSN 1758-6437

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1917 in 2017


Introduction, pages ‑
Kevin Morgan lock_openFree to download

Contrasting centenaries: how Russia, Ukraine and Belarus marked October, pages ‑
Francis King, Olena Palko

Against the current: non-governmental commemorations of the October Revolution in China, pages ‑
Hongsheing Jiang

October in Contraption-Land: politics and history in Portugal, pages ‑
Jose Neves

Finland 1917 – A centenary in the shadows of independence celebrations and civil war commemorations, pages ‑
Kasper Braskén

‘Red October’ in South Africa, pages ‑
Irina Filatova

France and the centenary of October, pages ‑
Gavin Bowd

Goodbye to all that: remembering 1917 in the UK, pages ‑
John Medhurst

War and revolution: Romanian retrospectives on the centenary of Red October, pages ‑
Mioara Anton

Communism + Transnational: the rediscovered equation of internationalism in the Comintern years, pages ‑
Sabine Dullin, Brigitte Studer lock_openFree to download

The Stalin Question, pages ‑
John Callaghan

Never forget? The Holocaust and British communist anti-fascism, 1945-1951, pages ‑
Joshua Cohen

Reviews, pages ‑
Catherin Epstein, Mike Makin-Waite, Geoff Eley, Elke Weesjes, Geoffrey Swain lock_openFree to download

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