Twentieth Century Communism Volume 2021 Issue 20

ISSN 1758-6437


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Sexuality, Respectability and Communism

Introduction: Sexuality, respectability and communism, pages 4‑12
Elke Weesjes Free to download

Sexology and the national Other in the Soviet Union, pages 13‑44
Dan Healey Free to download

Distributing condoms on the factory floor: Communists and sexual health in the Netherlands, pages 45‑78
Elke Weesjes Free to download

Respectability and its discontents: Sexuality and marginalisation in the Marxist tradition in the United States, pages 79‑108
Paul C Mishler

‘I chose the values I regarded as American’: Sexuality, ethnicity, and FBI informant Angela Calomiris, pages 109‑135
Veronica A. Wilson

‘By being out and outspoken, I contributed to the normalisation of homosexuality in the Netherlands’: an interview with Evelien Eshuis, Dutch communist MP 1982-1986, pages 136‑145
Elke Weesjes

Reflection article: Gender, sexuality and the Argentinian radical Jewish left, pages 146‑160
Nerina Visacovsky

Reviews, pages 161‑173
Free to download

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